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This page contains a brief outline of what we provide.
Please contact us if you need a custom package and/or more info


From high-end video walls, data projectors (these do a lot more than Powerpoint) to the simple OHP we use them all. My best data projector is 3700 ANSI lumens while the usual one required is 2000 ANSI lumens. They take XGA (1024 x 768) uncompressed with 16 million colours.
That is only part of it. Provided I have time, (and I strive to ensure good service) I will set up the equipment and demonstrate any features which may prove useful.
There are many variations of equipment that allow me to optimise the look of your presentation.


Any where from 100 watts to 10,000 watts of scintillatingly crisp sound with specialty lapel, lectern, and cordless mics mixed in with pre-recorded sounds off laptop, tapes, videos, DVD’s etc at a level to suit the aspirations of any event organisers wishes.


In whatever environment your presentation is, the focus must be on the subject.
The best way to achieve this is to subdued the lighting and then highlight the points you wish to accent.
Even when the lighting is part of the entertainment using the correct fitting for the correct job is paramount. Whether it's lighting the lectern, or display, placing the fittings in awkward places to get the best look is well with in our capabilities.


OK you are still using an OHP or you only have a set of photos to show your audience.
Let me transform them into a presentation so you can catch up with the wave of new technology. Maybe you are nose down to the grindstone and that day is getting close when all those people will be waiting to hear your words of wisdom reinforced with those points you all need to remember. Let me take the worry away with Powerpoint or graphics for that presentation.


We have the equipment to give us the ability to come up with a very professional result. A new and growing part of my business is utilising equipment already in our plant, and purchasing more equipment. Recently building a computer based video edit machine allows sophisticated video product.
The Canon XL1 is a camera that is sometimes used to produce TV quality videos, and is used throughout the police force for forensic evidence. With this camera, and my experienced camera operators, along with my experience as a judicial camera operator for the TAB trackside outside broadcast units gives us the ability to come up with a very professional result.


An exciting new technology is DVD recording.
The machine pictured allows me to supply an economic product of video supplied by my clients who want that on DVD’s
The starting cost is $40.00 plus $5.00 for extra titles for scenes or parts of a video.
We are presently developing the ability to do this using our computer edit system for full DVD authoring. I have staff already available experienced in this environment and I am keen to use their skills. If you are interested in this service, please inquire as I am sure we can supply a competitive product.


Wedding Videos
For this once in a lifetime occasion recording the event can come alive when compared to still photos. Packages can be tailored to suite your requirements. An example is shown below

  • Arrival at the service
  • The Service itself
  • Greeting your guests outside
  • Departure

With a single camera operator and basic titling $350.00 is a very accessible price.
This is completely customisable, at $ 100.00 per hour, that being the price for extra camera operators.
Additional editing is at $75.00 per hour, under normal circumstances.
This footage can be placed on a DVD and starts at $ 40.00.
As well as this a PowerPoint slide show can be displayed at the reception to show the life of the people involved.
Funeral videos
While a sad occasion a record of these events is still good to have. This is especially true if family and friends cannot make it to the service. The other time people chose to have video at these services is to cater for the numbers expected. Overflow is then served by a screen and sound system in another room. Again this footage can be placed on a DVD and the costs are the same as weddings.
As well as this a PowerPoint slide show can be displayed at these services to show the special life of the people involved.